Caliente Property Owners Association
3502 N. Pinal Parkway,  Florence, AZ   85132

Office Tel: 520-868-5520      /    Fax: 520-868-5146
Office Email:
Park Manager: Jerry Sullivan
Office Manager: Julie Good
Winter office hours: 8:00 –  4:00 pm  M-F

Clubhouse Tel: 520-868-5340
Clubhouse E-mail:
Clubhouse Manager:  Johnie Hughes

Newsletter E-mail:

Website E-mail:

The 2017-18 Board members are as follows:
President:     Rene Burns
Vice-President:  Ron Maurer
Secretary:     Jim Rodal
Treasurer:     Bruce Long
Director:     Yvonne Woolston
Director:    Ron Rowley
Director:    Dale Lass

2017-18 Committee Chairpersons:

Beautification:     Yvonne Woolston:  Chairperson
Committee Members:    Merilyn Sanderson,  Jim & Mary Howard,  Dale & Faye Sipple, Joyce and Vaughn Young

Bingo:     Rene Burns:  Chairperson
Bingo Chairman:  Dori Klemm.  Committee Members:  Arla Fricke, Becky Anderson, Carol Harte, Cathy Hagger, Char Mackley, Debbie Gordon, Debra Howell, Doris Trunkenbolz, Gloria Walter, Jan Lorentz, Judi Nelson, Karen Long,  Mary Matzen, Mary Shull, Patricia Proulx and Roberta Horton.

Budget & Finance:     Rene Burns:  Chairperson
Committee Members: Jim Rodal, Bruce Long, Yvonne Woolston, Ron Maurer, Dale Lass, Ron Rowley,  Jerry Sullivan

Clubhouse Activities:     Dale Lass:  Chairperson
Committee members:  Bob Giesinger ,

Construction & Permits:     Dale Lass:  Chairman
Committee Members:  Dave Woolston, Gene Smith and Jerry Knoeck,  Jerry Sullivan

Enforcement/Compliance:     Ron Rowley:  Chairperson
Committee Members: Dale Lass,

Executive & Legal:     Rene Burns:  Chairperson
Jim Rodal, Ron Maurer, Bruce Long, Jerry Sullivan

Government Affairs:     Rene Burns:  Chairperson
Committee Members:   Jerry Sullivan

Information Technology:     Ron Maurer :  Chairperson
Administrator:  Ron Maurer;  Committee Members: Carol Dineen,  Thresea Hallett, Ron Rowley,

Laundry Collection:     Bruce Long:  Chairperson
Committee Members:  Vivian Brumbaugh, Jim and Florence Killion

Long-Range Plan:     Ron Rowley:   Chairperson
Committee Members: Yvonne Woolston , Co-chairman,  Nancy Janne, Paul Proulx, Renee Burns, Keith Weaver, Jerry Sullivan, Bob Long

Procurement:     Ron Maurer :   Chairperson
Committee Members:  Dave Harris,  Dean Buhrle and Nancy Janne

Public Works:     Ron Rowley:   Chairperson
Committee Members: Dale Lass,  Jack Klemm, Emmitt Smith, Jack Chapman, Joe Record, Jerry Knoeck,

Security:   Ron Maurer  :   Chairperson
Committee Members:  Dave Woolston

Volunteers:     Yvonne Woolston:  Chairperson
Committee Members: Johnie Hughes, Mary Ann Kurle, and Arne Raasch

Taxes & Insurance:     Rene Burns:  Chairperson
Committee Members:  Bruce Long, Jerry Sullivan

Block Leaders:     Jim Rodal: Block Leader Coordinator         L — Leader       A — Alternate

Block Title Name Block Title Name Block Title Name
1 L Pat Chapman 6 L Donna Meeres 11 L Patti Hill
 1 A Marian Thornton  6 A Nancy Maurer  11 A
2 L Barb Beyer 7 L Dorothy Buhrle 12 L Joan Kershner
 2 A Faye Sipple  7 A Janet Nunamacher 12 A Gisela Wilson
3 L Pat Proulx 8 L Sharon Cuhel 13 L Jacalyn Schwindt
 3 A Carolyn Sherrell  8 A Elaine Groth  13 A Pati Daisy
4 L Doris Trunkenbolz 9 L Karen Long 14 L Julie Hendershot
 4 A Jan Borash  9 A Pat Pessman  14 A Harriet Becker
5 L Judy Harris 10 L Sheila Kealey 15 L Merilyn Sanderson
 5 A Maxine Starcher  10 A Lynne Donahe  15 A Peggy Lindquist