Who We Are:

A clown is a public entertainer who dresses in outlandish attire and attempts to please audiences with comical and chaotic behavior.

We enjoy interacting with children and adults and taking them out of the real world for a short period of time and it is easy to do when you are wearing silly make-up, clothes, wigs, hats and footwear.

Today, the Caliente Clowns consist of ladies and gentleman who are mainly interested in the welfare of a foster or abused child in Pinal County.

What We Do:

We participate in the Pinal County Adoption Day, the Parada Parade in downtown Florence, PCCI Christmas Gift drawing, PCCI Christmas Party at the Elks and the Pinal County Child Abuse in Casa Grande.

Organizations that have benefitted from the Clowns and the many donations of clothing and personal items that come from Caliente residents and fund raisers the past several years are:

  • Department of Child Safety
  • Pinal County Casa Inc.- PCCI
  • Pinal County Family Advocacy Center in San Tan Valley
  • Florence Head Start
  • Florence K – 8 on Park Ave.
  • Home of Hope – Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
  • Pinal County Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Council Against Abuse, Inc.

Where Can I Help?

Many items are either homemade or donated by our residents. With the cash donations and raffles held we are able to buy other necessary items as needed.

Our fund raising activities include the “Kick Off to Christmas” an evening of entertainment by the clowns held early in the month of December. “Chocolate Fest” on the Monday before Valentine’s Day, and the ‘Caliente Clowns Car Show” that is held in February during Spring Fling.

To learn more about the Caliente Clowns please contact:      Phyllis @ 308-367-6429  or   Faye @ 602-350-2898